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So what's in a Brand!

Branding, the art of making an indelible mark or impression on someone or something, has been around for centuries. Yet not until the late 1990's has it been recognized as the most significant aspect of marketing in our world of commerce. The Brand is a distinct and passionate representation of the vision or standard that an industry or organization is willing and able to consistently commit to.

What a Brand Idea!

ICU Media works with clients to conceptualize, visualize and materialize a suitable brand identity, then develop and implement a dynamic strategy to project that image to the clients target market.

When it comes to promotion, ICU Media has a plethora of ideas and a wealth of resources to find you the perfect promotional tools to suit any occasion or event.


Brand Identity & Promotions

Design tradeshow display booths, develop promotional campaigns; source and supply specialty items complimentary to campaign.

From Accessories to Zappers, the list to choose from is as big as the imagination. If it can be imagined, ICU Media will find it and put your name on it.