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It's a wrap!

From conception to the distribution, with over 30 years experience in independent film, Canadian network television, and radio production arenas, ICU Media has the skills, and creativity to translate your image into light and sound, then project it onto the screen of your target market's attention! Just bring us your story and we'll transport it in the vehicle that will drive your message home!


Film, Television & Radio Production

Film and Video production (commercial, training, documentary, industrial, drama, feature film), radio commercial production


Film: Crawley Films - Ontario Election Office, Kodak Canada, Canadian Standards Association, Connections Series (3.5 hour CBC documentary on mafia), Toronto Stock Exchange . . .

Television: Consumers Glass The Cycle of Glass Global - Everybody's Business, That's Life, Pizzazz, News ~ CBC - 5 years of CBC, On Air promotions, CBLT news, the Travel Show, The Garden Show ~ CTV - On Air promotions, Child Find, Commercial production

ICAS Air Show Commercial MCTV Best Producer Award

Radio: Telemedia Radio Commercial Producer